custom candles


beautiful flowers that you do not want to just throw away


give them to us to incorporate in a candle, either for you to burn or

to keep

our process


select your flowers & botanicals,

either already dried or freshly cut

...if already thoroughly dried, the candle can be made ASAP

...if still holding moisture, 

we will dry them for free! 


get them to energii

...if local, we will arrange for a drop off of the goods

...if not so local, we will have you ship them to us


candle prep

...the botanicals will then be prepared according to what is needed

...the less drying needed, the shorter the turn-around time

...share label, scent, and overall look ideas with us so we can create your candle


the part where you love it!

...we will deliver it to you or to your loved one to enjoy

...burn the candle and watch the botanicals float in the wax

...or keep the candle as-is, as the dried botanicals will last and last and last

previous custom design examples

anything can be customized to your liking

jars, colors, labels, scent, & other add-ins